10 values of a Successful Coach

You might wonder how would a coach benefit your business. Here are some values that Coaches must adhere to.

  1. Clarity – giving and receiving accurate communication
  2. Supportiveness – a commitment to stand with and behind clients
  3. Confidence Building – a personal commitment to build and sustain the self image of each team member
  4. Mutuality – a partnership orientation where everyone wins or no one wins
  5. Perspective – a total focus on the entire business enterprise
  6. Risk – encouragement of innovation and effort that reduces punishment for mistakes and and fosters learning by doing
  7. Patience – going beyond the short term business focus to a view of time and performance that balances long term gain and business imperatives
  8. Involvement – genuine interest in learning about individuals in order to know what incentives, concerns and actions will inspire them
  9. Confidentiality – an ability to protect the information of all business interactions and cause a sense of trust and comfort with the individuals
  10. Respect – a giving and receiving of high regard to and from the staff as individuals and members of the team.

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