Muslims: Where to from here?

When we ponder the depths to which Islam has plummeted globally, the seriousness of threat it faces and the extent of the crisis from which it suffers, we understand the gravity of its situation and and the urgency required to rescue it from further decline and suffering.

Essentially, we need to determine a starting point or alternative choices that the Ummah has. These alternatives can be generally divided into three:

1. The Imitative Foreign Solution – borrowing from the cultural experince of contemporary west. This would include secularism, individualism, socialism and atheism

2. The Imitative Historical Solution – relying on solutions derived from the Islamic historical experience, regardless of considerations of relevance in terms of time and place

3. The Islamic Asalah solution – this is the approach which seeks to apply relevant solutions, derived from authentic Islamic sources, to the Ummah’s problem.

To apply any of the alternatives, there are 4 prerequisites –

1. Specification of a sound approach or Usul.
2. Unswerving faith in that approach
3. Resolve towards the goal
4. Provision of resources to achieve the goals

We need to engage in this debate. Each proponent of the alternatives should promote their approach by taking it directly to the people and explaining it to the Ummah’s thinkers, leaders and writers. In this way, convictions are shared and a best approach could be agreed upon.

In conclusion, in the coming years, we will see Islamic movements align along these alternatives. Some more than others. But we all hope that, ultimately, it will lead to an Ummah as aspired by Rasulullah s.a.w.

Engr Hj Mohd Prasad bin Hanif

_Coach And Pendakwah Bebas_

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