Tips on Speaking Well As a Leader

I have spoken in many events ranging from political rallies to environmental activism to official government functions. I was a shy adolescent and never really trained in public speaking.

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After almost 10 years, here is a few tips I picked up along the way:

  1. Talk about big ideas – every speech needs one big idea. This idea will give the peech power.
  2. Speak in the moment – speak to the audience, connect to the moment and be present. Its not a reading competition
  3. Keep it simple – Bombastic words, fragmented complicated sentences turn off the listeners attention
  4. Be straight shooter – No buts or ifs. Be frank and honest. Honesty is one trait that permeates through the speech.
  5. Be an optimist – the hallmark of leadership and key in influencing people
  6. Focus on the future – speeches from leaders offer a vision, a unifying picture of the future that gives people a sense of purpose
  7. Be real – audiences have an innate, God given ability to detect cheap, dishonest talk.
  8. Stand for something – The purpose of the speech is to convey a message, if you are a leader, you must convey what you stand for.

Hope this helps. I will try elaborate each points in my later writings. Do message me your thoughts on this piece!


Published by

Mohd Prasad Hanif

Mohd Prasad offers Business and Leadership Coaching, Training and Consultation for small, medium and large enterprises. Certified as one of the Best Coaches by Centre for Entrepreneur Development and Research, Malaysia, Mohd Prasad brings to the table over 6 years over 50 companies with many obtaining 4 star rating by SME Corp of Malaysia. He provides business coaching and development in the areas of Strategic Management, Finance Management, Leadership, Sales and Marketing and Talent Development. He is also the Program Manager for the Bumiputera Vendor Development Program Batch 1 and Batch 2 comprising of 40 bumiputera companies. Mohd Prasad combines the unique experience of an engineer and his experience as a business owner and entrepreneur to formulate Business Engineering Formulas to troubleshoot problem areas to focus in the business.

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