BMC of Life

Your spouse is your strategic partner. He/She are your partners that will help you to manage your key activities (running the family) and key resources ( #finance, procreation) so that you may deliver your product (#values, services) to your customers ( #children#parents, parents in law).

He/She helps you to deliver your product through channels of #communication#advice and negotiation so that the customer #relationship(relationship with your children, parents) can be improved and maintained.

All this relies on your cost structure (#commitment, quality time, #dedication). Properly invested, you will earn your #revenue(#happines#happines#happiness).

So, helping your spouse to grow – either through personal development, career wise, education – is, by and large, an investment into your happiness.

That, my friends, is the Business Model Canvas of life.

#businessmodelcanvas #bmc #education

Published by

Mohd Prasad Hanif

Mohd Prasad offers Business and Leadership Coaching, Training and Consultation for small, medium and large enterprises. Certified as one of the Best Coaches by Centre for Entrepreneur Development and Research, Malaysia, Mohd Prasad brings to the table over 6 years over 50 companies with many obtaining 4 star rating by SME Corp of Malaysia. He provides business coaching and development in the areas of Strategic Management, Finance Management, Leadership, Sales and Marketing and Talent Development. He is also the Program Manager for the Bumiputera Vendor Development Program Batch 1 and Batch 2 comprising of 40 bumiputera companies. Mohd Prasad combines the unique experience of an engineer and his experience as a business owner and entrepreneur to formulate Business Engineering Formulas to troubleshoot problem areas to focus in the business.

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