5 Things You Must Do To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet!

It is the new year and social media is a flooded with New Year Goals, New Year Resolutions, and New Year Visions. That’s apart from the motivational posters and memes flooding everyone’s screens on what or how 2019 will be or should be.

But here are my thoughts on what we need to do in 2019 to make this year the best year yet.

1. Trying to please everyone.

Social Media and today’s connectivity makes us permeable to the need to “please everyone”. We don’t have to and we definitely cannot please everyone. We need to understand that we have a limited amount of resources and it can only be distributed to a limited number of people.

So, pick and choose the important people that you want to please. Parents, spouse and children are very high on my list, followed by a select few clients and employers.


2. Fearing change.

We fear change because it is our natural response towards uncertainty. Our body’s nervous system pumps adrenaline that causes our heart to beat faster and our hands sweat. But, excitement, has the same symptoms as well. Heart beating faster, hands sweating, adrenaline pumping.

Change is an inevitable process of life. Instead of perceiving changes with fear, we should see change as an excitement. Only through change can we embrace our new self. Change will force us into conflict – a conflict within ourselves to break out of the norm.

When conflict happens, we recall Ronald Heifetz when he said “Conflict is the primary engine of creativity and innovation”. Embrace change, let the creativity flow!

3. Living in the past.

We either tend to wallow in the sadness of the past or hold on to the glory of the past so much that we forget to live in the present. We take the past as a lesson or a memory, but we must live in the present. Seize every moment – with your work, children, family, spouse.

Every minute is a blessing and gift. We need to appreciate the instances that we experience.

4. Overthinking.

We are blessed with the advent of technology at our fingertips. Information and communication from around the world and web is available to us with a tap on our smartphones. But this also means, we get an overload of information, which causes us to overthink and increases our own nervousness.

We need to know “how much” information is necessary for us to make a decision. Too much information or being heavily dependent on information results in postponing the inevitable – making decisions.

Let’s make it habit to make decisions, take a leap of faith and take calculated risks.


5. Being afraid to be different.

Its not difficult to be unique in today’s culture. Good manners is a very rare commodity nowadays. Let’s start there!



Let’s make 2019 a great year!


Published by

Mohd Prasad Hanif

Mohd Prasad offers Business and Leadership Coaching, Training and Consultation for small, medium and large enterprises. Certified as one of the Best Coaches by Centre for Entrepreneur Development and Research, Malaysia, Mohd Prasad brings to the table over 6 years over 50 companies with many obtaining 4 star rating by SME Corp of Malaysia. He provides business coaching and development in the areas of Strategic Management, Finance Management, Leadership, Sales and Marketing and Talent Development. He is also the Program Manager for the Bumiputera Vendor Development Program Batch 1 and Batch 2 comprising of 40 bumiputera companies. Mohd Prasad combines the unique experience of an engineer and his experience as a business owner and entrepreneur to formulate Business Engineering Formulas to troubleshoot problem areas to focus in the business.

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