Sex and The New Year’s Resolution

I am sure everybody is now busy with their new year’s resolution and goals. Many would be hitting the gym and starting their diets. I would like to talk about something a bit taboo in Malaysia – sex and your new Year’s Resolution.

This is a subject that would make many people squirm in their seats or even uncomfortable. Well, whether you like it or not, we are biological entities with sexual behavior. Here are the 10 things you need to fix in your New Year’s Resolution for your sexual health:

  1. Check your health for STI and HIV. For those in a monogamous relationship, no harm in checking as well.
  2. Check your sexual reproduction organs – do you know what a healthy reproductive organ looks or smells like? Go to the doctor and check it out.
  3. Talk more about sex. Not to the random person, but to the relevant person. Sex is definitely worth talking about; sharing feelings and concerns with your partner promotes better sexual health – both mentally and physically. In some cases, talking to a professional maybe of help too.
  4. Make this the year to know more about HIV and AIDS. Even though we have completed the second decade of the 21st century, you will be surprised the lack of knowledge on these two diseases. Understand the facts about transmission, symptoms, treatment and where to access information and support are important for protecting you and your sexual partner(s).
  5. If you have a steady partner or in a monogamous relationship, more orgasms and sex.
  6. A healthy sex life can promote a range of health benefits, both physically and emotionally. Learn more on how you can make to most of your sex life and keep healthy.
  7. Kegel! Both men and women can improve their sexual fitness by exercising their pelvic floor muscles.
  8. Nite away – go away for one night with your significant other and just enjoy the night being in each other’s company
  9. Find a hobby or lessons together to ignite that relationship and focus together.
  10. And finally, if you have a steady partner or in a monogamous relationship, more orgasms and sex.

The above resolution applies for both men and women, married or otherwise. If we want to live a well rounded, complete and balanced life, every aspect of our lives need to be taken care. So, enjoy 2020!

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Mohd Prasad Hanif

Mohd Prasad offers Business and Leadership Coaching, Training and Consultation for small, medium and large enterprises. Certified as one of the Best Coaches by Centre for Entrepreneur Development and Research, Malaysia, Mohd Prasad brings to the table over 6 years over 50 companies with many obtaining 4 star rating by SME Corp of Malaysia. He provides business coaching and development in the areas of Strategic Management, Finance Management, Leadership, Sales and Marketing and Talent Development. He is also the Program Manager for the Bumiputera Vendor Development Program Batch 1 and Batch 2 comprising of 40 bumiputera companies. Mohd Prasad combines the unique experience of an engineer and his experience as a business owner and entrepreneur to formulate Business Engineering Formulas to troubleshoot problem areas to focus in the business.

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