The Benefits of NLP

NLP provides a series of techniques, attitudes and tools to achieve benefits at the workplace. Three of the main benefits are discussed below.

You can have a brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.

Lee Iacoca, former President at
Ford Motor Company and Chrysler

Improving Communications

At work, you probably communicate with other people most of the day. You also communicate with yourself, for example, if you are nervous before a meeting, you are in some way communicating to yourself that it may not go well (people rarely get nervous at the prospect of a situation going according to plan). NLP provides a series of ways to communicate more effectively with others (such as staff, customers, suppliers, colleagues) and yourself (changing the way you perceive the situation if you are nervous in order to become more relaxed).

Changing Thinking, Attitudes, Behaviors and Beliefs

Most people experience moments of negativity at work (for example, if their promotion application has been turned down or if they have lost an important contract). Sometimes people behave in ways that are not particularly useful, such as procrastinating, showing frustration inappropriately, or not considering other points of view when it would be beneficial to do so. NLP provides a series of techniques to assist you to become more positive and adopt useful behaviours instead of unhelpful ones.

Replicating Excellence

Whether you would like to replicate excellence or departmental or organizational level (sometimes referred to as benchmarking), replicate excellence in a particular task such as negotiating or managing, or replicate your own excellence in a different situation (for example, if you are excellent at presenting to five people and feel overwhelmed at presenting to 50, what are you doing in the smaller presentation that you could replicate in the larger one?), NLP has a methodology to assist in replicating excellence, which is known in NLP as modelling.

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