Mohd Prasad was exemplary as a leader with shining leadership skills, caring for subordinates, assertive in decision making, sharp and well informed as an engineer.


Marzaini Rashid

University Lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia


[Mohd Prasad] is very knowledgeable and was able to tailor the whole time to our individual as well as our organisational needs. The practical and filtered manner which business terms were explained were easy to comprehend and made me think about the possible scenarios, particularly in the workplace and managing conflict. An eye-opening training and having the opportunity to discuss issues openly and honestly without any prejudice which I really appreciated the flexibility.

The experience with you form start to finish was always faultless. I can see why you are so successful and wanted by many other business owners just like me. Also, I personally have recommended your coaching and motivation skill courses to some of my colleagues.

Khairulnizam Rusland

Managing Director, ORS Technologies Sdn Bhd

Coaching Clients

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You have helped us to build our business model to ensure continuous growth. During your coaching session, you helped us strategize our marketing and branding program for better positioning in the market. Thanks to you, we are also currently developing our talent management program to meet our expansion and vision.

Not only have you worked diligently to meet your targets but have also helped us in meeting ours too. This selfless act will not go to waste. As gratitude to the company, I would like to commend your knowledge in strategic management, finance management, marketing and branding management, and talent development. Your exceptional delivery method is also worthy of mention.

Sajarathuldar Satibi

Business Development Manager, ALYPZ Sdn Bhd