Leadership – Inspiring and Motivating (Part 4)

Inspiring and Motivating is an essential part of leadership. A pat on the shoulder, an on-the-spot recognition, a praise on a job well done resonates deeper into the human soul. We often forget that our staff and followers are humans, that require the occasional affirmation from others. It is the quintessential feeling that allows us to work as a “pack” and function as a “society”.

In sport, when the game is tied and time out is called, the coach reminds the players what is at stake – the reward that waits for the winning team that makes the effort. This is inspiring them to reach greatness by sacrificing momentary pain and putting in the maximum effort to gain the reward later.

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Another way of inspiring the team as a manager is to challenge the team members with the memory of past victories, with examples of their accomplishments, contributions and sacrifices. This helps the leader to inspire them and acknowledge their contributions at the same time. The team is motivated to surpass, not others, but themselves.

Essentially, a leader will need to enthuse, excite and encourage so that the followers believe that they can do it. Motivating and inspiring is about them, not about you. It is about their qualities. It is about instilling confidence and energy that focuses their efforts in achieving results. That is essence that will imbue the followers with ownership.

The leader needs to make the follower “own” the vision. He/She needs to inspire and motivate to an extent that followers or their team accept the vision as their own vision and strive to achieve that goal. This is how self-perpetuating motivation arises.

As people become motivated, they trust, which reinforces their abilities. This affirms their actions which, in turn, motivates them.

Election Reforms: Looking Ahead

Here are a few suggestions that Bersih, Election Commission can help to push:

1. Push the United Nations to create an unbiased system to rank and grade the quality of elections. Malaysia should be included and spearhead.

2. Election Commission to engage with technology giants such as Google, Facebook or others to explore the development of a technology that enable remote voting through smartphones. It helps to remove the intimidation at polling stations and allows access to those who are incapable.

3. Automatic registration of voters at 21 years old. I still remember that Bersih and the opposition (prior to GE14) were fighting for this. Hope this can revived.

4. Increase voter turnout by increasing the number of days of voting. Currently, we are only allowed to vote in a single day. We can explore further on two days or even three day voting to encourage voter turnout.

5. To activate voters, make the election a highly publicized live event over several days. With current technology, votes can be counted real-time. Live tv should be able to show the count and who is leading. This would drive more voter turnout.

The above is not an exhaustive list. I thought this over a Nasi Lemak. Imagine what I could come up with if I had Biryani for breakfast.