Leadership – Inspiring and Motivating (Part 4)

Inspiring and Motivating is an essential part of leadership. A pat on the shoulder, an on-the-spot recognition, a praise on a job well done resonates deeper into the human soul. We often forget that our staff and followers are humans, that require the occasional affirmation from others. It is the quintessential feeling that allows us to work as a “pack” and function as a “society”.

In sport, when the game is tied and time out is called, the coach reminds the players what is at stake – the reward that waits for the winning team that makes the effort. This is inspiring them to reach greatness by sacrificing momentary pain and putting in the maximum effort to gain the reward later.

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Another way of inspiring the team as a manager is to challenge the team members with the memory of past victories, with examples of their accomplishments, contributions and sacrifices. This helps the leader to inspire them and acknowledge their contributions at the same time. The team is motivated to surpass, not others, but themselves.

Essentially, a leader will need to enthuse, excite and encourage so that the followers believe that they can do it. Motivating and inspiring is about them, not about you. It is about their qualities. It is about instilling confidence and energy that focuses their efforts in achieving results. That is essence that will imbue the followers with ownership.

The leader needs to make the follower “own” the vision. He/She needs to inspire and motivate to an extent that followers or their team accept the vision as their own vision and strive to achieve that goal. This is how self-perpetuating motivation arises.

As people become motivated, they trust, which reinforces their abilities. This affirms their actions which, in turn, motivates them.

5 Things You Must Do To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet!

It is the new year and social media is a flooded with New Year Goals, New Year Resolutions, and New Year Visions. That’s apart from the motivational posters and memes flooding everyone’s screens on what or how 2019 will be or should be.

But here are my thoughts on what we need to do in 2019 to make this year the best year yet.

1. Trying to please everyone.

Social Media and today’s connectivity makes us permeable to the need to “please everyone”. We don’t have to and we definitely cannot please everyone. We need to understand that we have a limited amount of resources and it can only be distributed to a limited number of people.

So, pick and choose the important people that you want to please. Parents, spouse and children are very high on my list, followed by a select few clients and employers.


2. Fearing change.

We fear change because it is our natural response towards uncertainty. Our body’s nervous system pumps adrenaline that causes our heart to beat faster and our hands sweat. But, excitement, has the same symptoms as well. Heart beating faster, hands sweating, adrenaline pumping.

Change is an inevitable process of life. Instead of perceiving changes with fear, we should see change as an excitement. Only through change can we embrace our new self. Change will force us into conflict – a conflict within ourselves to break out of the norm.

When conflict happens, we recall Ronald Heifetz when he said “Conflict is the primary engine of creativity and innovation”. Embrace change, let the creativity flow!

3. Living in the past.

We either tend to wallow in the sadness of the past or hold on to the glory of the past so much that we forget to live in the present. We take the past as a lesson or a memory, but we must live in the present. Seize every moment – with your work, children, family, spouse.

Every minute is a blessing and gift. We need to appreciate the instances that we experience.

4. Overthinking.

We are blessed with the advent of technology at our fingertips. Information and communication from around the world and web is available to us with a tap on our smartphones. But this also means, we get an overload of information, which causes us to overthink and increases our own nervousness.

We need to know “how much” information is necessary for us to make a decision. Too much information or being heavily dependent on information results in postponing the inevitable – making decisions.

Let’s make it habit to make decisions, take a leap of faith and take calculated risks.


5. Being afraid to be different.

Its not difficult to be unique in today’s culture. Good manners is a very rare commodity nowadays. Let’s start there!



Let’s make 2019 a great year!


Tips on Speaking Well As a Leader

I have spoken in many events ranging from political rallies to environmental activism to official government functions. I was a shy adolescent and never really trained in public speaking.

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After almost 10 years, here is a few tips I picked up along the way:

  1. Talk about big ideas – every speech needs one big idea. This idea will give the peech power.
  2. Speak in the moment – speak to the audience, connect to the moment and be present. Its not a reading competition
  3. Keep it simple – Bombastic words, fragmented complicated sentences turn off the listeners attention
  4. Be straight shooter – No buts or ifs. Be frank and honest. Honesty is one trait that permeates through the speech.
  5. Be an optimist – the hallmark of leadership and key in influencing people
  6. Focus on the future – speeches from leaders offer a vision, a unifying picture of the future that gives people a sense of purpose
  7. Be real – audiences have an innate, God given ability to detect cheap, dishonest talk.
  8. Stand for something – The purpose of the speech is to convey a message, if you are a leader, you must convey what you stand for.

Hope this helps. I will try elaborate each points in my later writings. Do message me your thoughts on this piece!