Thought Pioneer

Dip. Int. Arb. Dip. Syariah. BSc. Elec Eng. BSc. Comp Eng. MBA

Voted as “100 Most Inspirational Linkedin Icons In Malaysia”, Engr Hj Mohd Prasad bin Hanif is a highly accomplished and integrity-driven professional offering over 16 years of professional success on national and international levels with strong concentration and success in project management, business development, and human capital development.

He is also recognized as a savvy, charismatic leader with strengths in reengineering business processes, defining continuous improvement, conducting lively brainstorming sessions, achieving consensus, recognizing and accelerating peer’s strengths, delegating purposefully and building powerful teams that exhibit unwavering determination and stoic resolve. Also, he is acknowledged as a business focused professional with diverse business knowledge, experienced in various industries and propensity to fuel positive change.

Mohd Prasad has been praised, commended and awarded for innovation, bravely exploring “uncharted waters”, rising during to the occasion during tough times. I capitalize on strong business acumen and natural leadership talents to steer the business and team towards excellence and new directions.

Mohd Prasad completed his early education in the Royal Military College and was selected to further his studies under Petronas Scholarship. He graduated with a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, United States. He also completed a minor in Economics from the same university. His postgraduate work includes a Masters in Business Administration from University Malaya and a Diploma in Syariah from the same university. He also has a Diploma in International Arbitration and Mediation.

His career in engineering began in Bosnia Herzegovina as a Project Engineer under the flagship of UNHCR to build and equip the Rakovica Refugee Camp as well as the adult education centres located in Zenica and Sarajevo. His engineering career continued in the Semiconductor industry where he was a lead engineer in LSI Logic, Oregon, United States of America. In this industry, he became team lead and led a team of engineers in system and process improvements resulting in cost savings more than RM10 million annually. He was also among the few lead engineers in introducing nanotechnology in Malaysia and started up the first 90nm production line in the country. After his stint in the Semiconductor Industry, he served as a consultant engineer to TNB where he led and successfully completed a Subsea Cable Laying Project from Kapar Power Station to Pulau Ketam worth RM65 million. He completed the project within deadline, without safety incidents and with cost saving.

As a Regional Investment and Strategic Projects Manager, Mohd Prasad managed a total fund of RM16 million and has started up businesses in India (Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai), Sri Lanka (Colombo) and the Philippines (Manila).

The passion for entrepreneur development and poverty eradication was ignited in his stint in East Coast Economic Region Development Council where he managed many stakeholders including trainers and coaches for poverty eradication and entrepreneur development programs across the east coast. He was responsible for more than 12,000 participants with a budget of approximately RM100 million. He also spearheaded programs such as ECER-TERAS, ECER-Teraju, and DanaMudahCara. He has conducted business and entrepreneur development research and studies with University Malaysia Kelantan, University Malaysia Pahang, University Malaysia Terengganu, University Sultan Zainal Abidin (UNISZA), and KPMG.

prasad2He is currently Chairman of Pertubuhan Generasi Al-Fatih, a dakwah movement focused on the issues relating to Palestine and socio-economic problems facing Muslims nationwide. He has a tauliah from Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri Selangor and frequently delivers khutbah and kuliyyah in Mosques across Selangor. He is also the Chairman of Sahabat Bumi Selangor, an environmental movement. He has served as the Secretary General of Green Clean World, an environmental NGO, since 2011.

In 2008, he founded Darul Haq Global Ventures Sdn Bhd, a capital investment company with businesses and partners in Australia, United Kingdom, India and Sri Lanka. With his extensive experience in business ventures, he is also a Director in Dooha Ventures Sdn Bhd, an investment holding company. This business relies on fund management as well as investment portfolios with focus on poverty eradication. Currently, he is pursuing his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualifications to expand his business.

He currently serves as the Secretary General of Association of Development Finance Institutions, Malaysia.