A New Addiction.

A New Addiction.

I was sitting down drinking tea at the local mamak restaurant at dusk. For some odd reason, I decided to put down my smartphone and look up.


I saw two elderly gentlemen, a malay and a chinese, roughly about 70 years old, talking. Smiling. Laughing. No selfies, not one glance anywhere else.


Next to me, were two uncles, approximately 150 years old combined, talking. Smiling and laughing. There were no phones anywhere in sight. Eye contact throughout the conversation. They were fixated with each other and the topic of discussion.


As if by automation, I reached for my smartphone to update my observation. At that point, epiphany. It took me only 5 minutes before I dashed to the solace of my smartphone.


Are we addicted to social media? Are we a narcissistic society? Do we feel compelled to update everything in one social media or the other?


Questions I am pondering. Maybe its time to revisit, if I am addicted to my smartphone. Less update, less narcissism?