Death Penalty for Corruption

Death Penalty for Corruption

“Wang Jianye paid heavily for falling prey to the temptation in Communist-controlled China. The former Planning Chief of Shenzen, a booming economic area close to the border with Hong Kong, was accused of taking $900,000 (pounds) in bribes, and keeping a mistress. With two others who was accused of fraud, Wang was paraded through the Shenzen Streets on the back of a lorry, surrounded by grim-looking soldiers. The lorry drove into the local sports stadium where a crowd of 5,000 was waiting.


Wang’s crimes were read out over the loudspeaker, a gun was put to his head and he was shot dead, as were the two other prisoners. A member of the local disciplinary commission said Wang deserved his fate because he was ‘an obstacle to the progress of the economy’.”


The above is an excerpt from Power and Corruption by Stephen Moore.


Brushing contrversies aside, if at all, one may argue that China become a world powerhouse because of its deadly stance on corruption. On the other hand, we have India with a flourishing democracy and a liberal stand, that is being crippled by corruption.


What is your thoughts on this? Can corruption be curbed by capital punishment?