Getting Ahead: Dress Well (2)

Getting Ahead: Dress Well (2)

In this article, we will briefly address developing a style that get you noticed. The key operating word is ‘style’. That means, tasteful, formal, civilized, sophisticated, elegant, cultured, refined and discerning. In image building, we will need to develop a style that gets us noticed in all these aspects.


Dyeing your hair red, and styling it like a mohawk is a style and may get you noticed, but we are not talking about these kind of styles. We are going for George Clooney style, rather than Boy George. Meryl Streep rather than Lady Gaga.

Three key words resonate in all the list below – classic, timeless, quality. Here are a few pointers:

  1. Choose one thing and get known for it. Always wear black, double breasted. Have a trademark dress.
  2. Buy the best you can afford. Do not buy what you cannot afford though.
  3. Good fit. Not tight, not too loose.
  4. Less is more. Cut down on unnecessary jewellery.
  5. If you wear makeup, then stick to what suits you, what makes you look good. Don’t keep changing makeup with every season. Be known for your look.
  6. Always dress up, rather than dress down.
  7. Accessories should be stylish, expensive, loose, recognizable and tasteful