Tips on Speaking Well As a Leader

Tips on Speaking Well As a Leader

After almost 10 years, here is a few tips I picked up along the way:

I have spoken in many events ranging from political rallies to environmental activism to official government functions. I was a shy adolescent and never really trained in public speaking.


  1. Talk about big ideas – every speech needs one big idea. This idea will give the peech power.
  2. Speak in the moment – speak to the audience, connect to the moment and be present. Its not a reading competition
  3. Keep it simple – Bombastic words, fragmented complicated sentences turn off the listeners attention
  4. Be straight shooter – No buts or ifs. Be frank and honest. Honesty is one trait that permeates through the speech.
  5. Be an optimist – the hallmark of leadership and key in influencing people
  6. Focus on the future – speeches from leaders offer a vision, a unifying picture of the future that gives people a sense of purpose
  7. Be real – audiences have an innate, God given ability to detect cheap, dishonest talk.
  8. Stand for something – The purpose of the speech is to convey a message, if you are a leader, you must convey what you stand for.


Hope this helps. I will try elaborate each points in my later writings. Do message me your thoughts on this piece!