Leadership: Inspiring and Motivating (Part 2)

Leadership: Inspiring and Motivating (Part 2)

Involvement and Trust

Rome was not built in a day. Trust cannot be built in a day.


Your overall relationship with your followers is devoted to communicating your willingness and ability to support the team – through hell and back.


I have had the opportunity to lead a team to conduct a rigorous audit process and internal investigation into a project. My team were apprehensive. What if they did find something? What if there was fraud? I had to build trust in them, not only on me, but also on the system and the audit process.


In order to understand their apprehension, fear or even the difficulties, I need to immerse myself in their activities and interests. I frequently consulted them and requested them to be involved in discussions as a way to forge trust. The decisions I make are rational, for the good of the team and the task.


As the task occur, the team members must be convinced that you are the right leader for them, even if your decisions aren’t popular. They must be convinced that you and the team are together, learning about each other, and how you can rely on each other.


Building trust is the first step towards inspiring your followers.